Maine Coast Sea Vegetables Triple Blend Flakes Seasoning Dulse, Laver And Sea Letttuce 28 Gram

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Sea Seasonings - Triple Blend Flakes, low Sodium Salt Alternative 28 gram

Triple Blend Flakes makes it to VT's "Foodie Awards"

Vegetarian Times Magazine, one of the oldest nationally distributed magazines devoted to all things vegetarian, has nominated our Triple Blend Flakes as one of the "Most Savory Seasonings" of 2009 in their first-ever "Foodie Awards." The editors of the magazine chose five nominees within each of 25 categories which range from green tea to tofu and tempeh, and everything in between. Readers voted for their favorites until the end of May, and the winners will be announced in the October Issue.

Thank you for your votes !

The newest member of our Sea Seasoning family, this is a colorful mix of red dulse, black laver and green sea lettuce flakes in easy-to-use 1 oz shakers or in *NEW* bulk lots by the pound. The zingy flavor of dulse nicely complements the more pungent sea lettuce and nutty laver (wild nori). And of course, all three deliver the mineral richness of the sea in a low sodium, salty tasting, cellular friendly format. But that's not all...

We've recently learned from several medical research doctors that many of us aren't getting enough iodine. In fact The National Health & Nutrition Examination Survey 2000 found that iodine levels in the US have fallen 50% in 30 years. Here's what some believe is going on: our depleted farm soils are iodine starved. The iodine in iodized salt may not be fully bioavailable. Many are switching to sea salt which has almost no iodine. And there is an increasing amount of environmental bromine, fluorine and chlorine that directly competes for cellular iodine receptor sites.

Triple Blend Flakes will definitely meet 100% of the Daily Value set for iodine (150mcg/tsp serving) and still not overload you with sodium (only 30 mg/tsp). In the words of a customer who called in recently, "There's no salt substitute out there like this, and no better way to get my iodine" We think you'll also like these colorful, tasty nutritious flakes on just about anything -- maybe everything !

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables Triple Blend Flakes Seasoning Dulse, Laver And Sea Letttuce 28 Gram
Inhoud28 Gram
Land van herkomstUSA
IngrediëntenBiologische Rauwe Dulse (Palmaria Palmata), Biologische Rauwe Laver (Porphyra Umbilicalis), Biologische Rauwe Zeesla (Ulva Lactuca)
Allergenen informatie-
ToepassingTe gebruiken als zoutvervanger. Kan gestrooid worden over salade, soepen en vele andere gerechten.
BewaaradviesKoel en droog bewaren.
Portie | Portie per Verpakking1.6 gr/ 18
VoedingswaardeHoeveelheid per PortieHoeveelheid per 100g
Energie10 kcal~
Vetten0 gr~
waarvan verzadigd vet0 gr~
Koolhydraten< 1 gr~
waarvan suikers0 gr~
Eiwitten0 gr~
Zout30 mg~