Kitchen Accessories

Unlimited Health offers a wide range of kitchen accessories, including products from Chef'N and Kyocera. From manual juicers to zesters and from knifes to measuring cups; these products are not only super handy, but also have a beautiful design!

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  1. Anima Mundi Brass Spoon

    Handmade, 100% solid brass. We custom made our brass spoons with a wonderful artisan family in India, so we can have the perfect serving size when composing potions.

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  2. Chef'N Emulstir & Oil Mister

    Preparing fresh, healthy meals has never been easier thanks to the Emulstir Salad Dressing Mixer and Oil Mr. Cooking Oil Sprayer Set.

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  3. Chef'N Flexicado
  4. Chef'N Freshforce Lime Juicer
  5. De Bolster Glass Sprout Dish

    Growing sprouts is easy with our germ dish.

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  6. Elegant Sproutmaker

    Elegant Sprout Maker is used to grow sprouts in a most convinent and natural way without use of electricity. 

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  7. Kyocera Everything Mill Adjustable Black
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  8. Kyocera Everything Mill Adjustable Red
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  9. Kyocera Ginger And Spice Grater
  10. Kyocera peeler Green
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  11. Sieve bag (for nuts and seeds)

    This sieve bag is made of polyamide, BPA free.

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  12. Terrasana Tawashi Vegetable Brush
    Tawashi is a brush made of super strong coconut fibers, specially developed for cleaning vegetables. Learn More
  13. Wartmann Vacuum Cup 600 ML
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  14. Wheatgrass Growing Tray 6 Pieces
    These growing trays are ideal for growing wheat grass or sprouts at home. The trays are very economical, are reusable many times and have a very handy and practical size for growing wheat grass or different types of greens and sprouts yourself. The trays come without grass/content. Learn More
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