Delicious honey in several flavours such as eucalyptus, orange blossom, thyme and lavender. Raw honey is unheated, so the nutrients and enzymes are preserved. It comes with numerous health benefits and is widely used for its anti-bacterial and wound healing properties.

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  1. Bee & Flow Manuka Honey 250 Grams
    Bee & Flow Manuka Honey 390+MGO comes from undisturbed bees which form a crucial part of our sustainable family farm and natural ecosystem. Certified MGO ensures that this honey contains at least 390mg/kg of methylglyoxal as tested by an independent laboratory. Learn More
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    Bee Bodhi Bread Honey 150 Grams

    Our Bee Bread Honey comes from the Swedish coastal meadows and is harvested at the very end of the season, when summer turns into autumn. This flavoursome raw honey is mainly composed of the nectar of heather trees that grow in the wild.

    This honey includes a free bag of flower seeds for flowers that bees love. Use it on your balcony or in the garden and give something back to the bees!

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    Bee Bodhi Creamed Honey 150 Grams

    Our Creamed Honey has a soft texture and is rich in flavour which makes it an absolute favourite, even for those who are not the biggest fans of raw honey. Afer being harvested each year at the end of May, it is carefully filtered and undergoes an exclusive creaming process.

    This honey includes a free bag of flower seeds for flowers that bees love. Use it on your balcony or in the garden and give something back to the bees!

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    Bee Bodhi Honey Pack

    The Bee Bodhi Honey Pack contains: 1 x Bee Bodhi Bread Honey 150 grams, 1 x Bee Bodhi Creamed honey 150 grams, 1 x Bee Bodhi Nordic Wildflower 200 grams.

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    Bee Bodhi Nordic Wildflower Honey 200 Grams

    Our Nordic Wildflower Honey is pretty unique because its flavour mostly depends on the trees and flowers that blossom every year. This raw honey is being harvested in July when most trees are in full bloom giving the bees a multitude of nectar sources.

    This honey includes a free bag of flower seeds for flowers that bees love. Use it on your balcony or in the garden and give something back to the bees!

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  6. Wild About Honey Raw Algarvian Heather Honey 500 Grams
    Raw Portuguese Heather honey, locally known as "Urze", is a potent, rich, delicious, aromatic honey. Also highly esteemed for its antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Recent Portuguese studies show it to be more potent than Chestnut honey and very high in phenolic compounds. Learn More
  7. Wild About Honey Raw Arbutus Bitter Honey 500 Grams
    Arbutus Unedo "bitter honey", an highly medicinal honey, also known as Strawberry Tree honey, comes from only four places, southern Portugal, Sardinia, Corsica and Greece. it has a truly unusual bitter/sweet complex multi layered taste. The closest way to describe it might be a bitter caramel. Learn More
  8. Wild About Honey Raw Chestnut Honey 500 Grams

    Chestnut Raw Honey is a silky, dark amber honey with the distinct floral, nutty taste of chestnut with the fragrance of chestnut flowers. Our Chestnut honey comes from the sweet Chestnut tree. Chestnut honey can range from very dark and bitter to milder and sweeter depending on the proportion of Chestnut honeydew and other flower nectars.

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  9. Wild About Honey Raw Clover Honey 500 Grams
    This Raw clover honey is light, delicate and floral, it crystallizes quickly to a buttery fudge texture. Spread it liberally on a warm bread and butter and you can't go wrong.  Learn More
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  10. Wild About Honey Raw Eucalyptus Honey 500 Grams
    This award winning honey is from a beekeeper in the Ribatejo, producing spectacular honeys. It is quite sweet, starts of rich dark amber and crystallizes to a thick buttery texture. It has the truly distinct mellow sweetness of Eucalyptus honey. Learn More
  11. Wild About Honey Raw Orange Blossom Honey 500 Grams
    Another award winning,100% Raw, cold-extracted, unfiltered, Orange Blossom Honey from the Algarve. A luxurious, sweet, floral, highly scented honey, full of the delicate scent orange flowers. Golden and runny when warm, sets with an extremely fine, smooth, creamy crystal structure when cold. Learn More
  12. Wild About Honey Raw Serra The Estrela Berg Honey 500 Grams
    Award Winning , Raw Serra da Estrela Mountain honey is a rich, very dark, viscous, malty, exquisitely balanced honey. This is a Raw Oak Honey with unique complexity. We feel lucky to have found this honey and think it is really special! Learn More
  13. Wild About Honey Raw Sunflower Girassol Honey 500 Grams
    Raw Sunflower honey locally known as "Girassol" is a lovely pollen rich, taste of pure summer sunshine. Sunflower honey crystallizes very quickly and can only be bottled in the first weeks after harvesting. It sets to a rich creamy, nutty taste and texture and is like candy in a jar. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the one! Learn More
  14. Wild About Honey Raw Thyme Honey 500 Grams
    Another Great Taste Award Winnner, our raw thyme honey is absolutely everything an Algarvian Dark Thyme honey should be, smooth, highly floral, medium dark, aromatic and the epitome of the best of Algarvian honey. Learn More
  15. Wild About Honey Raw Wild Lavender Honey 500 Grams

    100% Raw, cold extracted and unfiltered. This wild Lavender honey is a medium-sweet, delicate floral, amber, silky textured honey, with an almost fruity backnote. Very versatile, superb everyday honey. Produced in the Algarve hills by master artisan beekeepers and happy bees.

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  16. Wild About Honey Raw Wildflower Honey 500 Grams
    Our wildflower honey is a medium dark and highly complex honey, made from the diverse wildflowers including wild Lavender, Borage, Narcissus, Daisies, Buttercups, Vipers Burgloss,, Lupins, and many more. A wonderful tasty complex honey for anyone with a sweet tooth. This honey is a classic. Learn More
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