Electrosmog - Radiation

Electrosmog is an increasing problem in our environment and our homes. Use these products to protect yourself from harmful radiation from all kinds of electrical devices, smart meters and mobile phones.

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  1. BioProtect Card

    This chip card-sized card is suitable for use directly in the devices causing electrosmog and in rooms where electrosmog is present.

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  2. BioProtect Handy 15 X 25 MM

    For protection against electrosmog. BioProtect Handy is a 1.5 x 2.5 cm self-adhesive film for use on mobile phones or cordless phones and WLAN devices.

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  3. Picomide Piramid

    The Picomide is a small but powerful pyramid shape, the dimensions are only 7 x 5 cm., This small pyramid protects the personal workplace against all forms of radiation and electro-pollution.

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