Coconut Palm

Coconut crystals or palm sugar are an excellent low glycemic alternative for normal sugar. They are naturally sweet and made from the nectar of the tropical coconut palm tree blossom. Use coconut palm sugar or crystals in your smoothies, desserts, drinks and tea.

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  1. Cocofina Organic Coconut Blossom Nectar 350 ml

    Organic Lower GI Coconut Flower Nectar Honey Alternative by Cocofina. A plant-based sweetener with a huge variety of uses including cooking, baking, decorating, and adding to warm drinks. Packed full of nutrients, low GI and tastes unbelievable!

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    Coconut Secret Organic Coconut Crystals 340 Grams
    What makes our Coconut Crystals such a unique sweetener is the harmonious combination of nutrients, its complex sugar composition and rich caramel-like flavor, making it the perfect sweetening choice for all your recipes. Learn More
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  3. Original Superfoods Organic Coconut Palm Sugar 400 Grams

    Like raw or brown sugar, only better! This sun-kissed sweetener is the crystallized nectar of the tropical coconut palm tree blossom, harvested high in the swaying canopy by traditional farmers, then evaporated and crushed into a unique, unbleached, not-too-sweet sugar alternative. So go ahead, indulge that sweet tooth!

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