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  1. Global Healing Liquid Zinc 59 ML
    This certified organic, liquid formula contains zinc derived from guava leaves, enhanced with Energized Trace Minerals for increased bioavailability. Learn More
  2. Global Healing Prostate Health 59.3 ML

    Prostate Health  is an advanced blend of herbs and all-natural ingredients that are concentrated with our Raw Herbal Extract™ technology.

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  3. Global Healing Selenium 60 V-Caps

    Our selenium supplement is extracted from mustard seed and also contains other natural co-nutrients from the plant. Highly bioavailable and vegan-friendly, this essential trace mineral performs several critical functions within the body.

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  4. PRL Liquid Zinc Ultra 235 ml

    PRL Liquid Zinc Ultra is made with zinc sulfate heptahydrate, a hydrated form of zinc sulfate. It provides zinc in an ionic form – the most effective form. This highly absorbable form of zinc offers zinc supplementation support for a normal immune system.

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  5. PRL ProstaVen 90 V-Caps

    ProstaVen™ prostate formula consists of three major blends (Prosta Pro-Blend™, Beta-Pro Blend™ and Palmetto Pro-Blend™) and includes among others Organic Saw Palmetto, Turmeric and Cordyceps.

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  6. PRL UltraPollen 60 V-Caps

    UltraPollen is a premier quality, hydrophilic and lipophilic flower pollen extract that has low allergen risk (mold and spore cleaned) and is collected from plants that are grown and harvested without pesticides.

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  7. Vimergy Nettle 10:1 115 ml

    Harness the power of this special herb in our Alcohol-Free Nettle Leaf Liquid Extract. With 2000mg herbal equivalent of nettle leaf in each serving, our 10:1 liquid extract makes it easier and more convenient than ever to get the benefits of this herb.

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  8. Vimergy Zinc Sulfate 115 ml

    Zinc is an important trace element. Vimergy Zinc contains only zinc sulfate, glycerine, purified water and a dash of apple juice for the taste! Provides 7.5 mg of zinc sulfate per serving. Free from citric acid, natural flavors, alcohol, corn or other harmful ingredients.

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