Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I shop on the site?
    You can go through the different catagories and make a choice by clicking. The shopping cart is a memory for the products you have added while shopping but you are not obliged to order them. It offers you simply the possibility to search for more products. You will be showna picture of most products. If you click you will see a description of the product. You can always delete or change the number in your cart. While shopping you can always see on the top right side the number of items and order value in your shopping cart.

  2. Are prices including taxes?
    All prices on our website are including taxes. From 1 July 2021, new VAT rules for e-commerce will apply in the EU. The product prices now depend on your shipping address (country) in your account and therefore may differ from the prices you see when you are not logged in.

  3. Where can I change my personal details?
    If you choose the "My Account" button on the right side, you can view or change your account information or change your account password.

  4. I forgot my password. What should I do?
    Go to "My Account". Press "Password forgotten? Click here". You can then insert your e-mail address and you will be sent a new password by e-mail.

  5. Do I have to login first?
    That is not necessary. If you are not a customer yet, you already have the possibility to put products in your cart. If you login afterwards, these products will automatically be transferred to the cart that belongs to your account.

  6. Do I have a warranty on my products?
    The legal warranty applies to all products that you purchase from us. Legal warranty means that a product is or must do what the consumer can expect in all reasonableness.

  7. How can I file a complaint?
    If you have a complaint about our products or our service, you can contact us via the contact form. You will not receive an acknowledgment of receipt of your complaint, but we will respond within 14 days. Are you not satisfied with the handling of your complaint? Then you can submit this to the Geschillencommissie Thuiswinkel, PO Box 90600, 2509 LP in The Hague. You can also submit your complaint via the European ODR Platform.
  8. What is your policy regarding (product) reviews?
    We collect reviews through Feedback Company.

    A review may be written based on a purchase and/or experience. For example, the contact with customer service can continue as an experience. We have a button on every review page to remain transparent, so consumers with an experience who do not receive an invitation from the company can also write a review.

    Because we work with an independent review party, transparency is greater. Feedback Company regularly conducts investigations to guarantee the authenticity of reviews as much as possible. Both positive and negative reviews are posted. No paid reviews will be posted. A review that does not comply with Feedback Company's guidelines will not be published.

    A review is put on hold for a maximum of 7 days so that there is time to find out whether a possible complaint from a consumer has actually had an experience. In this way there is also the opportunity to see whether the complaint can be resolved and the consumer can be asked to review the review.

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