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  1. Kyocera Innovation Soft Grip 5.5" Ceramic Santoku Knife White
    The Innovation 5.5” santoku knife is a traditional Japanese shape with a straight cutting edge and extra knuckle clearance. Perfect for slicing, dicing and mincing fruits, vegetables and boneless meats. This lightweight and well-balanced ergonomic design fits in any hand comfortably and provides an easy grip for safe handling and control. Learn More
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    Kyocera Julienne Slicer Green
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  3. Kyocera Office Knife Black 7,5 Cm
  4. Kyocera Office Knife Green 7,5 Cm
  5. Kyocera peeler Green
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  6. Kyocera Santoku Knife Green 14 Cm
  7. Kyocera Tomato Knife With Micro Cartel 12.5 Cm
  8. Kyocera Utility knife Black 11 Cm
  9. Kyocera Utility knife Green 11,0 Cm
  10. Tribest Shine Kitchen Co Electric Spiralizer

    The Shine Kitchen Co Electric Spiralizer allows you to create fresh, plant-based noodles in seconds from whole produce! Easily create your spirals from 4 unique blade attachments. Your options range from thin, light noodles to thick, ribbon-styled vegetable garnishes. Try each style with different types of produce for new and unique results each time!

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