Adaptogen Formulas

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  1. Anima Mundi Adaptogenic 113 Grams

    This is our beloved wildcrafted and US grown 7 mushroom superpowder, mixed with the finest cacao EVER.

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  2. Anima Mundi Organic Adaptogenic 59 ML

    Our Adaptogenic Tonic contains locally grown, double cell wall extracted mushrooms along with high vitamin C sources such as Camu Camu and Mangosteen.

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  3. Anima Mundi Organic Happiness Powder 141 Grams

    Our renowned Happiness formula is now available as a super-powder! Contains key herbals that we like to call 'happy herbs'. Energized with some of the top researched herbs such as Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Albizzia and St John's Wort. Combined with coffee-esq bases such as roasted dandelion, roasted chicory, maca, lucuma, burdock, mesquite and real organic vanilla.

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  4. Global Healing Ginseng 59.2 ml

    Ginseng Fuzion is a Raw Herbal Extract blend of Panax ginseng and other specialized herbs such as Ashwagandha and Maca. We make Ginseng Fuzion like we make all of our products — with pure, high-quality ingredients that are carefully grown, harvested, and processed.

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  5. PRL Adaptogen-R3 90 V-Caps
    PRL Adaptogen-R3 features an outstanding class of herbs called adaptogens. An adaptogen is an herb that has the unique ability to “adapt” its function according to your body’s specific needs, such as promoting a healthy response to occasional stress. Premier Research Labs’s Adaptogen-R3 is a comprehensive, multi-botanical formula that promotes the entire adaptogenic process while helping to moderate occasional mental and physical stress. Learn More
  6. PRL AdrenaVen 60 V-caps
    High quality ingredients including Cordyceps (fermented mycelia extract), Rhodiola Rosea Extract and Eleuthero root.

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  7. Pure Synergy Organic Stress Remedy 60 V-Caps

    Comprehensive formula of herbal adaptogens, tonics and botanicals. Powerful concentration of standardized organic SuperPure® herbal extracts including Ashwagandha, Eleuthero, Holy Basil, Rhodiola and more!

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