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  1. D-TOX Organic Kombucha Chateau de la Crau 0.75 cl

    100% RAW KOMBUCHA!

    This Champagne variant:

    • is slightly drier (slightly more fermented), so it looks more like a champagne / prosecco.
    • contains no more yeast cells, so completely stable, but therefore does not have natural carbon dioxide such as the D-TOX Elixir.
    • and that's why we injected fine carbonic acid bubbles like champagne.
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  2. D-TOX Organic Kombucha Elixer 1 Liter

    100% RAW KOMBUCHA!

    • Unprecedented, refreshing and non medicinal taste
    • 100% organic ingredients, biodynamic teas
    • Rigorous production process, HACCP certified
    • Unflavoured, unpasteurised
    • Exceptionally high level of gluconic acid: 126 mg/L

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