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  1. Lima Organic Miso Shiro 300 Grams

    The Marakura Shiro Miso is a young miso with a very mild, almost sweet taste. To achieve this result, substances such as sugar, artificial sweeteners and whiteners are often added in industrial production methods. Of course, this is not the case with the Shiro Miso from Lima, which owes its sweetness to the Amazake, and contains twice as much koji, which allows exceptionally good digestion.

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  2. Lima Organic Salsa Dip 260 Grams

    A mild dipping sauce, inspired by the Mexican kitchen, which forms a perfect combination with Lima tortilla crisps. This is a very light sauce (less than 27 Kcal/100g, without added sugar) and is also naturally glutenfree.

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  3. Original Superfoods Nutritional Yeast flakes 250 Grams
    Inactive yeast, use to give your dishes a nutty or cheesy flavor. Learn More
  4. Sunwarrior Organic Nutritional Yeast Flakes 300 Grams

    Shelf-stable vegan alternative to cheese. This deactivated form of yeast is full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, and adds a fantastic nutty, cheesy element to your cooking, giving a vegan alternative to savory flavor.

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  5. Terrasana Pesto Verde 180 Grams

    No cheese is used in pesto verde. This tasty sauce is 100% vegan.

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