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Carefully selected,100% natural, sun-dried clay for topical use. White clay for dry and sensitive skin, iron rich red clay and superfine green clay that is rich in minerals.

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  1. GranumCare Peeling Soap Pommegranate 100 Grams

    This pomegranate peeling soap is handmade. It uses ground pomegranate seeds, and delicious essential oils that give the soap a wonderful scent.

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  2. Groene Dag Brochure, Klei Genezende Aarde
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  3. The Clay Cure Diatom Nutri 225 Grams

    Pure Freshwater 100% Diatomaceous Earth (amorphous non crystalline silica) from the ancient sea bed of the Laguna de Zacoalco in Mexico.

    Diatom Nutri is 89 - 95 percent amorphous silica. As well as being very high in silica percentage it also contains 15 essential trace minerals including phosphorous, selenium, calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc and iron.

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  4. The Clay Cure Premium Green Clay 250 Gram
    100% Pure Naturally Dried Green Montmorillonite. From the hills of Sardinia. Learn More
  5. The Clay Cure Premium Nutri Clay 500 Grams

    This Clay is considered a powerful, yet gentle detoxifier. Taken on a regular basis it cleanses and draws out toxins, metabolic wastes and pathogens from the body. It naturally detoxifies and revitalizes the entire digestive tract.

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  6. The Clay Cure Premium Red Clay 250 Grams

    100% Pure Naturally Dried Red Montmorillonite. From the hills of Sardinia.

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  7. The Clay Cure Premium White Clay 250 Grams
    100% Pure Naturally Dried White Kaolin. From the ancient volcanic region of the Côtes-d'Armor in Brittany. Learn More
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    The Clay Cure Rejuvenance Active Restore Face Mask 95 Grams

    It's about making your skin look its best — and this remarkable blend delivers results. Welcome to glowing skin. Rejuvenance Active Restore face mask helps your skin recover and return it to its natural glow. At long last, a detoxifying face mask that's gentle enough for all skin types. The texture and smell are exquisite and delicious, making this a lovely sensory experience that uplifts energetically and physically.

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    The Clay Cure Rejuvenance Active Restore Face Mask Refill 100 Grams

    For at least 10 masks. Refill in a biodegradable pouches and comes with a Small Wooden Spoon 13.5 cm.

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  10. The Clay Cure Zeo Nutri 450 Gram

    The Clay Cure Company Zeolite Ultra Ventilated is a naturally occurring mineral of volcanic origin. It was formed millions of years ago when lava and ash fell into the sea. Ultra Ventilated Zeolite is finer (25 microns) than standard Zeolite making it more bio-available and improving its adsorptive action on the whole body in terms of detoxifying heavy metals.

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