TerraWash + Mg

Terra' meaning 'Earth' in Latin, Terra Wash+Mg is the new laundry revolution from Japan!  Let's change the world with the power of the miracle element, magnesium!

Winner 2017 Paris NATEXPO Gold Award Organic Innovation!

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Terra Wash + Mg

  • Best in odor removal (fragrance free) - About 10 times stronger than regular detergent
  • Human friendly - 100% free of toxic and synthetic chemicals, perfect for sensitive skin and kids
  • Protects people's health by keeping the washing machine hygienic
  • Earth friendly - Leaves zero trace of chemicals and save tons of water and power
  • Fabric friendly - Keeps fibers and color / great for organic cotton - and antibacterial
  • Best Quality - Made in Japan using patent-protected innovative technology with certified test results

How it works

Terra Wash + Mg is filled with magnesium with a 99.95% purity and specially processed with Japanese innovative technology. When this special magnesium comes in contact with water, it generates bubbles of hydrogen and forms ionized alkaline water with an increased pH level (approximately 10.5) which makes it easier for water to remove dirt from fabrics. This special water has high ability to remove/eliminate dirt, sebum, mold, germs, bacteria, and odor resulting in fresh, safe, and clean laundry!

Another feature of Terra Wash + Mg is its ability to reduce the size of water molecules. Smaller cluster size enables and strengthens the water's ability to pass through fabric pores, resulting in better cleaning properties.

How to use

  • Reusable and capable of 365 washes / 1 year
  • Works for laundry load up to approx. 8kg(17lb)
  • Works for any types of washing machine (Top-loading, front-loading, HE and other)
  • Works for both soft and hard water  / cold and hot water
  • No suds(bubbles) means No need for rinse cycle, saving power and water consumption
  • Place Terra Wash+Mginto washing machine together with dirty laundry.  No detergent needed!
  • Remove Terra Wash+Mg from washing machine before drying cycle if using washer/dryer combo.
  • After finishing the washing cycle, hang up Terra Wash+Mg to air dry.

Winner 2017 NATEXPO Gold Award Organic Innovation

NATEXPO is a natural and organic products exhibition taking place in Paris and is the largest exhibition in the natural and organic industry in France.

Awarded the Allergy UK Allergy Friendly Product Award

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