The body requires many minerals including macro minerals such as magnesium, calcium, sodium or potassium and trace minerals such as zinc, copper, selenium or iodine. Unlimited Health offers several high quality mineral supplements. From zeolite and bentonite powder and liquid minerals with fulvic acid to sea coral minerals and highly absorbable nano magnesium water for quickly replenishing magnesium levels.

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  1. PRL Premier Magnesium Powder 124 Gram
    Premier Magnesium features highly absorbable magnesium in the preferred form of magnesium lactate. Simply add this powder to juice or water for a revitalizing, magnesium-rich drink. It has a refreshing watermelon flavor (no MSG) without added sugar. Learn More
  2. PRL Liquid Zinc Ultra 235 ml

    PRL Liquid Zinc Ultra is made with zinc sulfate heptahydrate, a hydrated form of zinc sulfate. It provides zinc in an ionic form – the most effective form. This highly absorbable form of zinc offers zinc supplementation support for a normal immune system.

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  3. PRL Premier Pink Salt 340 Grams
    Use Premier Pink Salt daily in place of regular table salt to add robust flavor to foods and drinks for the whole family. Premier Pink Salt is a blend of two premium, untreated, solar-dried sea salts which deliver critical trace elements. Learn More
  4. PRL XenoStat 90 V-Caps

    XenoStat is a botanical formula.

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