Original Bodycare Himalaya Magnesium Spray 200 ml

Pure and 100% natural magnesium chloride, created by sea, sun and wind. Harvested in Tibet in a traditional and sustainable manner. Magnesium spray for massaging into the skin, ideal for delivering magnesium for rapid absorption in the cells (transdermal magnesium).

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Original Bodycare Himalayan Magnesium Spray 200 ML

Himalayan magnesium is a magnesium chloride of unprecedented purity; after extraction it does not need to be purified or refined. Pure from nature, just like our body needs and can tolerate.

Sustainable harvesting in Tibet

The extraction of Himalayan Magnesium Chloride in Tibet is totally different from that of, for example, Zechstein magnesium. Both sources originated from millions of years old seas, deep underground. Although we can assume that the quality of both magnesium sources is equivalent, the big difference is in the way of extraction and further processing into a product that is suitable for transdermal (via the skin) applications.

The Zechstein magnesium factory is best known for its DEAD Burned Magnesia, a product to make refractory bricks for ovens. Only a very small part is used for the cosmetics industry after thorough cleaning.

Magnesium chloride from the Himalayas is naturally filtered through porous rock. It is a unique magnesium and sun-dried magnesium chloride and therefore softer and more pleasant for the skin. Himalayan magnesium is the most pure unrefined magnesium in the world and contains the most elements of life in their original composition and proportions.

  • Ecological sustainability
  • Unrefined and very pure
  • Made by nature: sea, sun and sky
  • Sourced in a traditional way
  • No environmental or air pollution
  • Clear and pure water as a basis
  • Ecocert certification

The importance of magnesium

Magnesium is an essential macromineral and is one of the most common minerals on earth and in our body. Magnesium is a component of numerous enzymes and an activator within more than 300 metabolic reactions such as cell growth, cell division, energy production, protein synthesis and cell membrane protection.

Along with calcium, magnesium regulates numerous neurotransmitters. It is crucial for your muscles; skeletal muscles as well as the heart muscle, lung muscles, the stomach muscle, intestinal muscles etc. Where calcium causes the muscles to contract, magnesium is responsible for muscle relaxation. Magnesium is also indispensable for optimal heart rhythm, healthy blood pressure and brain function.

Usage: Massage on the body as needed. Avoid direct contact with eyes, sensitive parts, open or damaged skin.