Zooki embodies deliciousness, convenience, and versatility across its product range, setting a high bar with its commitment to innovation. Utilizing cutting-edge research and technology, each product earns the 'Zooki' seal of approval, signifying quality and effectiveness. By focusing on premium nutrients and meaningful doses of active ingredients, Zooki ensures a positive impact on health and well-being.

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    Zooki Magnesium Zooki Pineapple & Guava 14 sachets x 15 ML

    1500 mg magnesium glycinate per serving, of which 200 mg is elemental magnesium. Your daily dose of Magnesium delivered in a ready-to-drink sachet, infused with pineapple and guava extracts and wrapped in lipids for magnificent absorbability and effectiveness.

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  2. New
    Zooki Collagen Zooki Mango Peach 14 sachets x 15 ML

    Each sachet of Collagen Zooki contains a mighty 5000mg of lipid-wrapped hydrolysed collagen - and we can promise it’s the nicest collagen supplement you’ll ever taste! Support your skin from within with high strength, hydrolysed marine collagen, providing targeted support for your skin, cartilage and bones.

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  3. New
    Zooki Super Strength Collagen Zooki Sour Cherry 14 sachets x 18.5 ML

    Each sachet of Super Strength Collagen Zooki contains 11,000mg of hydrolysed marine collagen, offering all the taste and bioavailability of the classic Collagen Zooki but with 2.2 times the strength.

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  4. YourZooki Liposomal Vitamin C 30 x 15 ML Single Sachets
    YourZooki Vitamin C is a great tasting liposomal vitamin C and well absorbed in the body. Take at least 1 sachet of 1000 mg of vitamin C every day to ensure a strong immune system! Learn More
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