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    PRL Bone & Joint Health Kit

    This PRL Bones & Joint Health Kit contains the following PRL products:

    • 1 x Osteoven 60 V-caps
    • 1 x D3 Serum 12.6 ML
    • 1 x Renaven 60 V-Caps
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  2. PRL Bone Health 60 V-Caps (Osteoven)

    Premier Bone Health offers a comprehensive formula that provides premier quality nutrients. It offers nature-sourced minerals, tocotrienols, vitamin K2-7 (which is vitamin K2 as the preferred menoquinone-7 form) as well as two key phytochemical blends: Bone Mineral Max and Phyto-Mineral Essentials, providing a broad range of beneficial phytonutrients.

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  3. PRL D3 Serum 12.6 ml

    D3 Serum offers 3,000 IU per serving (3 drops) of natural-source Vitamin D3 as a fat-soluble liquid in a base of extra virgin olive oil. 

    In the EU, the maximum permitted daily dose of vitamin D is set at 3,000 IU (75 µg).

    Please note: the dose of 75 µg of Vitamin D is not suitable for children up to and including 10 years of age.

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  4. PRL EPA-DHA Marine Liquid 235 ML

    EPA/DHA Marine offers 1,000 mg per serving of natural docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) from the original fish oil without molecular distillation. Our cold filtration process does not require heavy manipulation, high heat processing or the use of harsh solvents to separate the EPA and DHA. Finally a pure all natural fish oil!

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  5. PRL Premier Glucosamine Sulfate 120 V-Caps

    Premier Glucosamine provides a high quality form of glucosamine as glucosamine sulfate (shellfish-free). This product may be used alone or in conjunction with PRL OsteoVen, a broad spectrum formula.

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  6. PRL Vitamin D3+K2 30 V-Caps

    Welcome to our pure, plant-source product, Premier Vitamin D3+K2. This formula features plant-source vitamin D3 in addition to plant-source vitamin K2 in vegetable capsules -- without undesirable chemical tagalongs.

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