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  1. PRL Asta Complete-FX 60 V-Caps

    Asta Complete-FX is a unique formula that features a selected range of valued botanicals.

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  2. PRL Cotton Flannel Organic 20' x 59'

    Cotton Flannel Organic. Can be used with Premier Research Labs Castor Oil to create castor oil packs.

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  3. PRL DermaVen 60 V-caps
    Welcome to DermaVen™ and its revolutionary ingredient, solubilized keratin. Supplementing with bioavailable keratin can promote skin firmness, elasticity and protein structure. Learn More
  4. PRL Medi-Body Pack 12 OZ
    This premier quality formula can be used as an effective, elegant cleansing body pack. It contains organic sea vegetation, bentonite clay and targeted, organic botanical agents, all key cleansing agents used for centuries in many cultures. Learn More
  5. PRL Medi-Mineral Serum 235 ml

    Medi-Mineral Serum features features mineralized red algae and green tea blended with an ionic mineral concentrate from Utah's Great Salt Lake – an amazing breakthrough in promoting natural skin beauty.

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  6. PRL Premier Castor Oil 237 ml

    Castor oil is an ancient oil called the “hand of Christ,” and has been used for thousands of years by many cultures, especially for skin health and cleansing.

    This castor oil is sourced from India, considered to be the finest source of castor oil in the world, where many generations of growers have cultivated their fields according to ancient traditions. Castor Oil can be used on organic cotton flannel to make castor oil packs for excellent cleansing results.

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  7. PRL Premier DHA 60 V-Caps
    Plant-source DHA derived from microalgae. Pure vegan. Learn More
  8. PRL Premier Eucalyptus Spray 45 ml
    This refreshing body spray is delightfully invigorating with a unique camphoraceous aroma. It is made using a unique distillation process so that it leaves no oily residue on the skin. Learn More
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  9. PRL Premier Glucosamine Sulfate 120 V-Caps

    Premier Glucosamine provides a high quality form of glucosamine as glucosamine sulfate (shellfish-free). This product may be used alone or in conjunction with PRL OsteoVen, a broad spectrum formula.

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  10. PRL Premier Limonene 15 ml

    Premier Limonene contains a premier, highly available orange oil that features a natural source of d-Limonene, a naturally occurring compound.

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  11. PRL Premier Neem Oil Ultra 59 ML
    Neem oil has worldwide recognition for its rejuvenating skin benefits, as it nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Neem oil is derived from the seed of the neem tree, a revered and sacred tree of ancient India. Learn More
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  12. PRL QC Oil Blend 29 ML

    The QC Oil Blend is a premier essential oil blend for external use. It is comprised of 4 premier quality essential oils complexed with Indian castor oil.

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    PRL Skin Health Kit

    This PRL Skin Health Kit contains the following PRL products:

    • 1 x Dermaven 60 V-Caps
    • 1 x Max B 59 ML
    • 1 x DHA 60 V-Caps
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  14. PRL VenaMend 60 VCaps

    VenaMend™ is a premier formula that features Dio-Max™ that contains two highly effective bioflavonoids, diosmin and hesperidin.

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