Important safety warning:

Shops are removing some of the products containing sesame from the shelves.

A number of batches of sesame from five producers in India appear to contain residues of ethylene oxide. This substance is not allowed in the EU. The NVWA therefore requires companies to remove all products containing sesame from these batches from the shelves as a precaution.

The NVWA concludes that consumption of products containing this sesame does not pose an acute risk to health, but does not rule out an increased risk in the long term. 

For Unlimited Health it concerns the following batches:

Original Superfoods Organic Peeled Sesamzaad 400 grams with a best before date of 31-05-2021
Original Superfoods Organic Unpeeled Sesamzaad 400 grams with a best before date of 30-01-2021

Consumers who purchased these products from Unlimited Health can dispose of them at home and contact us for a refund.