Oxigenesis ASO 35% Oxygen 946 ML

Revitalize cells with O2!

ASO is a unique formula of bio - active oxygen molecules to revitalize the body and to improve your health in a way that you might not have thought possible.

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Oxigenesis ASO 35% Oxygen 946 ML

Oxygen plays a powerful and primary role in our overall health and well-being. Our brains uses 20-25% of our oxygen uptake. In addition, oxygen is essential for the proper functioning of our metabolic functions, blood circulation, the assimilation of nutrients and digestion and the removal of cellular and metabolic waste. Even our ability to think, feel and act requires oxygen-related energy production. Sufficient oxygen helps the body in its ability to rebuild itself and maintain a strong and healthy immune system.

For the physical body, oxygen supply - oxygenation - is the key to health. Oxygen (02) is needed to release energy from food. All combustion processes are regulated by oxygen. The absorption of nutrients and the functioning of digestion are dependent on this. Simplified, many new scientific studies show the similarity between chronic conditions and a low-oxygen environment or a chronic oxygen deprivation at the cellular level.

Air pollution, polluted water, preservatives, processed food, stress, lack of exercise and medication sabotage the absorption of O2. We not only get oxygen through the breath, but also food and water contains oxygen. In the environment of today there is a build-up of oxygen deprivation at cell level.

Now there are ASO (Activated Stabilized Oxygen) drops available as a supplement. The stable bio-absorbent O2 drops with O4 molecule enter the bloodstream via the mucous membrane and work directly at the cell level.

  • ASO contains 35% O4. This equates to 350,000 ppm O4 molecules, where tap water equals about 5-7 ppm O2 molecules.
  • ASO is a stable double oxygen molecule. Contains no free radical.
  • ASO is non-toxic.
  • ASO does not contain hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)
  • ASO does not contain chloride (ClO2)
  • ASO is safe for everyone, risk groups always consult with your physician.
  • ASO is also suitable for skin irritations and wounds. 
  • ASO is fully organically developed, GMP + and BSCG Drug Free certified. Contains no fragrances, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
  • ASO has a minimum shelf life of 2 years after production.
  • The water solution has a pH of +/- 7.4 (equivalent to blood), is non-toxic and therefore pH-neutral. The O4 molecules have 2x the weight of O2 oxygen and thus do not evaporate as gas but remain part of the water solution.
  • ASO has no smell, color or taste. However, people may still taste some salt with subliminal use. These are the saline residues with which ASO is produced. These are very minimal quantities.

ASO is applicable for humans and animals. Standard dosage for an adult person is 3x 30 drops (3 x 2ml). Simple rule of thumb for dosing is 1-2 drops / kg body weight / per day.

In case of chronic diseases or illness, apply the dosage 3 to 4 times. For high exertion (eg sports) or severe illness, doses of 4x 10 ml are a good recommendation.

Oxigenesis ASO 35% Oxygen 946 ML
Content946 ML
Land of originUSA
IngredientsASO (bioavailable oxygen, distilled water, sea salt)
Allergen informationASO may contain trace amounts of calcium, copper, iron, manganese, phosphorus,potassium and selenium. 100% Vegan, Gluten Free, No preservatives or additives and caffeine free.
ApplicationShake well before using. Take 30 drops as needed, preferably on a empty stomach. Can be taken sublingually or added to distilled water. Avoid solution coming into contact with metal containers or utensils.
Storage instructionsStore in a cool, dry place.
Portion / Portion per package30 drops (2 ml) - 473