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What is Mesology?

Mesology is a concept in medicine where regular knowledge (anatomy, pathology, neurology, physiology) is supplemented with knowledge from complementary medicine (Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayur Veda (Lit. Knowledge of Life, India), Orthomolecular medicine, Homeopathy, Phytotherapy (herbal medicine)).
Within the diagnostics, both regular and complementary research is done in order to form a unique image of the patient.
The name ‘Mesology’ refers to the mesoderm, connective tissue, in this part the body’s reactions take place that keep/put the body in balance with itself and its surroundings.

Every person is unique and therefore has unique individual experiences and a unique interaction with his/her environment (food, weather, work and social situations, etc.).
Every human, organ and cell strives for its optimal balance. As long as we are healthy, we are in our "personal balance. Sometimes we have to deal with circumstances that disturb our equilibrium. This may cause dysfunctions.
To determine dysfunctions the mesologist uses different research methods such as:

-The Electrophysiological Diagnostics (EFD) measures the state of the various organs via the acupunture points on the different meridians. A meridian is an energetic connection between acupunture points through which the body’s energy flows.
The measuring device Mesology uses makes use of a weak, unnoticable current that translates the energetic attribute of the acupuncture point into a value. This amount is evaluated and is examined and by testing herbs, vitamins, minerals, and homeopathy it’s discovered which factors/means enhance the energy of the organ (system). An organ that operates in its correct value performs its functions optimally.

-TCM is an ancient healing method from China that focuses on a person’s balance.
This is achieved by optimizing the cooperation between the organs, finding balance (yin/yang) and providing good energy (Qi).
Mesology treats the balance of yin and yang through nutritional advice. Mesology supports the formation and operation of Qi by supporting certain organs through herbs, nutrition, vitamins, minerals and homeopathy.

-Ayur Veda literally translated means knowledge of life. Ayur Veda is based on the energetic state of the human being. Every person has a unique energetic composition that forms at conception. Because of life, this personal energy can be disrupted with dynsfunction(s) as a result. Mesology determines composition at birth and the current energy situation and tests, if necessary, ayurvedic herbs, vitamins, minerals and provides food and lifestyle recommendations aimed at optimizing the current energy.

-Homeopathy s a therapy that works by offering the specific stimulus that triggers the self-healing ability to adequately respond to the specific complaint. Mesology tests homeopathic remedies to determine if they can support your specific self-healing ability.

-Orthomolecular medicine. This method of treatment aims to make sure the body gets enough necessary, useful and good nutrients that keep a person in balance, through diet.
Mesology determines, through electrophysiological diagnostics, whether there are any shortages of certain vitamins, minerals, trace elements or amino acids and measures which supplements are appropriate in your unique situation.

When should you visit a Mesologist?

You can consult a Mesologist for the following complaints:
- Digestive tract complaints:
stomach, liver and intestinal complaints such as abdominal pain, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, nausea,
diarrhea, recurrent worm infections, bloating, heartburn,
food intolerances, hemorrhoids
- Recurrent infections:
ear infections, bladder infections, colds, sinusitis (sinus infection),
rheumatic complaints
- Muscle and joint complaints:
rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, stiffness, pain
- General complaints:
headaches and migraines, fatigue, decreased immune system, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), allergy
- Hormonal complaints:
thyroid problems, menstrual problems, menopausal symptoms,
fertility problems
- Skin problems:
eczema, dry skin, acne, hives

The mesologist treats mainly chronic diseases or unexplained/misunderstood health problems. Mesology is also used preventively.
For acute symptoms the mesologist isn’t qualified.

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