Mana Massage

As a surfer I have travelled the world around, looking for waves, beautiful cultures and people to discover and to learn new massage techniques.

In Polynesian culture, "mana" is a spiritual energy and healing power, which manifests itself in places, objects, animals and people.
Through various massage techniques, Ayurvedic oils, warm stones and crystals, Mana Massage guides you in the self healing ability and re-balancing and connecting body and mind.

For more information and to book an appointment, call: 06-43540485 

Warm regards,
Olly de Jeu

Shiatsu massage stimulates the self healing ability of the body by pressure point massage. Energy and meridian blockages will be released and muscles and joints relax. Shiatsu will bring you into balance and stimulate your immune system. No oil is used, the massage is fully clothed.

20 min = € 25, -
60 min = € 55, -

During this massage you will receive a complete bodywork therapy.
Combining Indian massage techniques of gentle strokes towards the lymph nodes and over the meridians finishing with stretches. This massage has an enorm detoxing and relaxing effect

60 min = € 60
90 min = € 85

An intense massage for both body and soul. During this massage, a combination of muscle, deep tissue and pressure point massage will be used to release any form of stress.

30 min = € 35
60 min = € 60
90 min = € 85

Pounamu massage is inspired by Polynesian massage techniques as well as the healing power of Pounamu (Green Stone) from New Zealand. During this relaxation massage hot Pounamu stone and cold crystals are placed on different energy points on the body. The warmth of the stones sink deep into the muscles cleansing and balancing your energy channels. This massage will conclude with a short Lomi Lomi. This will improve circulation and bring you into a deep relaxation.

60 min = € 55

Mana massage is a holistic full body "heart to heart" massage. A combination of the massages above will give your body and soul a nurturing self healing boost, release stress,

90min = € 85

In addition to the massages we also give Magnesium baths, which can also be combined with a short massage.

Relaxes your muscles and raises the magnesium level in your body. After this soothing bath you will feel reborn. Good for aching muscles, for example after a yoga class or after a workout / workout.

Basic Treatment Includes:

  • 30 minutes bath in 2.5 kg of magnesium flakes.
  • 15 minutes of relaxing.
  • Freshly made organic juice
  • € 25 per bath or € 200 for 10 baths.
  • Special offer: Massage & Magnesium bath € 60