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Rosemarie Beukers works as colon hydro therapist at Unlimted Health.

Colon hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy is a gentle and very effective way to help cleanse the body. It is a relaxing treatment in which the colon is thoroughly rinsed. The colon becomes devoid of gas, candida and old buildup of toxic waste.

The body is supported in the detoxification and is also hydrated. Because of the hydration the blood circulation and the metabolism of all body cells improves. In this way, the cells can discharge more, faster and more effectively and eliminate waste products through the skin, urine, and other organs. The liver is supported by a colon hydrotherapy treatment in a very beautiful way in the difficult task that it often has.

Gallbladder and liver cleansing

Colon hydrotherapy is essential for a gall bladder and liver cleanse because the highly toxic gallstones that became loose to be removed quickly and prevented in this way that the toxic substances are reabsorbed through the colon (car intoxificatie).


By fasting diets many toxins get released inside the body freely. A colon hydrotherapy treatment helps to remove it quickly and supports the organs involved in detoxification processes.

I'm toxic?

If your body whispers that "it has too much on his plate" we do not recognize these signals often still as a cry for help. Only when the body really gets too heavy, we perceive that we have to do something. How do you recognize an overloaded body? Note the following signals:

-Gassing like flatulence and burping
-Poor breath, coated tongue, unpleasant body odours
-Skin rashes, ashen pale appearance
-Cold hands and feet, fluid retention in the extremities
-Soreness in the lower back
-Bulging soft or hard abdomen
-Tiredness, Depression
-Irritation, anxiety, nervousness
-Soreness in muscles and joints
-Mucus in lungs, throat, nose and sinuses
-Headaches, allergies
-Colds and flu
-Menstrual problems
-Difficulties with prostate
-Lack of sexual interest
-Irregular blood pressure

When start with colon hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy can be used absolutely well with symptoms such as:

-A bloating of the abdomen
-A spastic colon
-Energy loss
-Difficulty to lose weight or after losing weight, falling back into the old diet
-Constipation or diarrhea
-PDS / IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
-Still having intestinal problems, despite a healthy lifestyle
-Vitality reduction


Many people suffer from obesity. A good colon hydrotherapy treatment can remove many of these excess kilos and take away the feeling of a bloated belly. Between 3 and 17 kilos of caked material can be attached to the intestinal wall. The plaque intestinal gut flora may be so disrupted that a probiotic capsule and the right diet do not help . If you do not cleanse the bowel disturbance remains.

Gallbladder and Liver Cleansing

If you do a gall bladder and liver cleansing colon hydrotherapy is an absolute must. Request more information by Rosemarie Beukers for support in this cleaning by using the method of Andreas Moritz.Coffee-liver detox

In the practice, we offer you the opportunity to undergo an extra deep detox treatment. A normal treatment is then followed by a so-called coffee-infusion. Coffee is, if you drink, toxic to the body. However, if you have a coffee enema, you get a deep cleansing of the liver. This method is known by mr. Max Gerson, who offered this therapy to help cancer patients in detoxification and to activate the self-healing capabilities of the body and is called Gerson therapy. We use organic coffee of a very high quality.


Each treatment is by default sealed with a probiotic infusion in order to restore the composition of the intestinal flora.


-Colon hydrotherapy has existed since ancient times in the form of enemas
-It was mainly a privilege for kings and people with high status
-In the past, people used a reed and a pig's bladder
-Napoleon made extensive use of enemas
-The first colon hydrotherapy machine ever built in the Netherlands and is used by a Dutch doctor, mr. ten Haaf, author of the book "Healthy by high colonic irrigation '.

-1 colonic irrigation is equivalent to 20 enemas
-Use is made of filtered water
-A disturbed intestinal flora can cause depression
-Persons born by cesarean are more likely to suffer from bowel problems (due to too sterile birth they lack the bacteria you get through the so-called fecal bite 'in through the mother.)


You can book the following colon hydrotherapy treatments

- Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment with intake (1st appointment)
duration total treatment: 1 hour and 45 minutes
rate: € 99.00

- Colon Hydotherapy Treatment
duration total treatment: 1 hour and 15 minutes
rate: € 99.00

- Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment with coffee-liver-detox standard
A shortened colon hydrotherapy treatment including a coffee infusion of 15 minutes for a powerful detox effect.
duration total treatment: 1 hour and 25 minutes
rate: € 125.00

- Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment with coffee-liver-detox exclusively
A very comprehensive colon hydrotherapy treatment including a coffee infusion of 20-25 minutes for an extra powerful detox effect.
duration total treatment: 1 hour and 50 minutes
rate: € 175.00

All the above treatments are concluded with a probiotics infusion.

The therapist

Rosemarie Beukers has since 2013 worked as a colon hydro therapist and is a Cum Laude graduate of the HBO program for colon hydrotherapy Coventina.


Call or whatsapp with all your questions. It is normal that it is very exciting to arrange an initial treatment. It is therefore important that all your doubts are gone! Already during the first treatment you will notice that it is a very relaxing treatment. We work with the personal flow technique. This means that the treatment is tailored to the needs of your body. Indeed, we are all unique.

See you in our practice!

Sincerely, Rosemarie Beukers

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