Bee Bodhi

Ecofriendly approach and love for bees. Raw honey sustainably harvested in Sweden.

Bee Bodhi is a unique small-batch bee keeper from Sweden with a mission to create and share the most bee conscious honey in the world. An everyday luxurious experience that in a sustainable way improves your wellbeing and health. At the same time we work together to make a positive impact on the world. The answer is sweet, delicious, raw honey! More and more people are choosing the sustainable option. Not only because of the astonishing health benefits and rich flavours that raw honey offers, but also and more importantly because of the positive ecological impact of sustainable beekeeping.

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    Bee Bodhi Bread Honey 150 Grams

    Our Bee Bread Honey comes from the Swedish coastal meadows and is harvested at the very end of the season, when summer turns into autumn. This flavoursome raw honey is mainly composed of the nectar of heather trees that grow in the wild.

    This honey includes a free bag of flower seeds for flowers that bees love. Use it on your balcony or in the garden and give something back to the bees!

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