The importance of pure water

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The importance of pure water
By Emanuelle February 18, 2020 193 Views No comments

This month I would like to talk to you about water. Water, our necessity of life number 1. Water, which seems so naturally to us in the Netherlands, but even necessity of life number 1 can be a problem for other regions of the world.

Water is so special! It falls from the sky, flows like rivers, gathers into the sea and ocean, cleans us, provides us with hydration and lets everything around us, including ourselves, bloom and grow together with the sun.

What about our drinking water? Is that really pure? When you consider what we all throw away that ends up in the water, how much medicine people take and discharges, calcic and other unwanted stubborn remains that are left behind. Where does that go and how can we provide drinking water for ourselves as cleanly as possible?

Our tap water in the Netherlands is of relatively good quality compared to other countries, but before it reaches our kitchen it has to go through so many cleaning systems, filters and pipes. It can only be that its original strength has been affected by this long journey.

Fortunately, there are various options for improving the quality of your drinking water at home. In this blog I would like to bring to light a product that I have had the opportunity to test for water quality.

This is the Alkanatur Drops Waterfilter.

  • A super handy water filtering jug. The first thing that struck me was the sleek design and compact size. The jug that can now be found in many households is the Brita but it only removes the calcic from the tap water. This is of course something, but now there are even more valuable options and Alkanatur Drops offers even more benefits.
  • The Alkanatur Drops has the perfect size for on the table.
  • With the filter it is possible to remove up to 99.9% chlorine, pesticides, nitrates, heavy metals, trihalomethanes and fluorine.
  • Very easy to use. The first time the filter is used, the filter must get rid of its bubbles by lying under water for 15 minutes. After that you place the filter in the jug according to the instructions in the booklet.
  • Flush water three times through the filter and the jug is ready for use.
  • It runs very fast, about three minutes before you have a fully filled and filtered can of water.
  • The water filter not only removes the calcic from the water, it increases the pH value to a value of approximately 9.0. This means that the water is very alkalizing. With the jug you get a set of PH strips. You can use these strips in combination with the PH test drops to test the PH value. You add 7 drops to 10-15 ml of water, stir and see which color the water gets and determine on the basis of the PH value table how alkalizing or acidifying the water is.
  • The water tastes really bizarre, almost creamy if I can describe it that way. Haha! As soon as the water taste changes, that is probably a sign that the filter may need to be replaced. After approximately 400 liters it is recommended to replace the filter.
  • Activated charcoal is also used to clean the water. The charcoal is safe to take and even serves as a medicine to bind toxic substances in the body. You release these substances through the stools. In addition to the descaling, pH value increase and filtering, minerals such as calcium and magnesium are added.

You will receive a large bpa-free bottle with the water jug, so that you can fill it and your water jug can be refilled with fresh water. It is recommended to drink the freshly made water within a day. The high PH value lasts for a few days, but the antioxidants decrease. The PH strips are useful for regularly testing the water, so that you know that you only get the best possible or it is time for a new filter!

Water is sacred to us, because we cannot survive without water. We can of course be very grateful for the tap water and of course the presence of sufficient water in the Netherlands. Precisely because it is so sacred to us, let us pay a little more attention to our drinking water and raise it to another level of quality. Water is important for the proper and healthy functioning of our body. Water regulates body temperature, is of great importance in digestion, keeps your skin nice and flexible and ensures the removal of waste. You lose 2 to 3 liters of water per day. It is important to supplement this by drinking enough.

The Hydranome water bottle is a perfect addition to this. This bottle is BPA-free and retains no odor or flavors. The bottle does not leak and has a large capacity of 610 ml. Besides that I think this water bottle is also very beautiful and sleek in design and matches the design of the Alkanatur Drops, the bottle is extra stable so it prevents falling.

A nice detail is that the Hydranome bottle on the top can indicate how many bottles during day you drink. You can only turn the top of the bottle to one side to change the number so that you cannot be mistaken.

It is super interesting to delve more into the magic, power and structure of water. Masaru Emoto is a well-known doctor who has had many interviews about water. These can be found on Youtube. I also find the sound experiments with water very cool to see. After all, we are all energy and everything is energy, so there is so much possible and so much to learn!

Let us bless our water every day for intake and use. Let us remind each other of the importance of water and let us support each other to take more responsibility where possible.

Let’s flow like water!

Thank you for your attention and see you next time!

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