Terra Wash + Mg

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Terra Wash + Mg
By Helen Beliën May 2, 2017 246 Views No comments

Finally, I found the solution for my laundry! I actually wanted to stop using normal laundry detergents for a long time, even though I'm using vegetable and eco friendly products.

I was in England at a big 'natural and organic trade fair' and found THE washing revolution from Japan; Terra Wash + Mg. A washing bag filled with magnesium that you add to your landry in the washing machine. You do not need any detergent and also no mold and bacterial will form in the washing machine. So this is not only good for the environment but also for your wallet. In addition, you can use the wash water for your plants because the washing has made it very mineral rich. I say win win win.

But, of course, it must work too ... I've been using it for 3 months now and I'm even more enthusiastic than when I first saw it! Even my grandchildren's dirty clothes are completely clean. This was the ultimate test for me and Terra Wash has been more than successful!

Some of the advantages:

Best in odor removal (fragrance free) - About 10 times stronger than regular detergent, Human friendly - 100% free of toxic and synthetic chemicals, perfect for sensitive skin and kids.

You can now order Terra Wash + Mg in our webshop here.

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