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By Emanuelle Vos September 12, 2017 863 Views No comments

It's summer, the days are warm but changeable and most of us need to pay a bit more attention to ourselves. Pay attention to yourself? But of course, because we look after our environment but we don't even know how to spoil ourselves!

That's why I thought, what a perfect moment to explain some relaxation products that can help you to be in the moment and completely unwind.

I will start with our range of Absolute Aromas essential oils; various herbs can work on our senses, for example, helping us to relax, but also to stimulate, heal or otherwise aid in other ways. It can be fun to experiment with different oils and to see what effect they have. Some of
the herbs used to relax are:

  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Valerian
  • but also oats, fennel, rosemary and more.

In the shop you will find Valerian from OriginalSuperfoods in powder form that can be taken orally. Lavender and Chamomile from Absolute Aromas can be found as essential oils.

Lavender oil has an anesthetic and disinfectant effect. Lavender works to calm, sooth, and refresh and it helps to balance one's thoughts. It has such a relaxing effect that it can be used perfectly in the bath, as a massage oil or before going to bed, use a few drops on your pillow to aid sleep. Lavender can support the healing of wounds, pimples, insect bites and burns.

Chamomile has a calming effect. You can use it for nervousness, irritability, anxiety and stress. In addition, it also works to heal and disinfect in the case of inflammation and wounds.

Dilute essential oils with another oil that can be used on the skin. For one person that could be jojoba oil, for another almond oil, coconut oil or sesame oil. You can dilute a few drops in the above-mentioned oils and then apply to the skin.

In addition, I have selected two of my own favourite essential oils for discussion, namely Rose and Ylang-Ylang. Both of these can be used well in combination with lavender and chamomile.

Rose works especially well to open the heart. I think it's such a nice idea; we give a rose as a gift to a lover and the smell and beneficial power in the Rose-oil extract works to open the heart. Rose oil works harmoniously and therefore can be more stimulating. In the case of fear, stress, and in times of change or nervousness, rose oil can help.

Ylang Ylang works to relax, stimulate and awaken the senses. It creates a peaceful mood and therefore it is often used in Eastern countries for cleaning bedlinnen. You can drop the oils in a glass with, for example, almond oil, let them mix together and then add them to a luxurious bath.

Magnesium is an important mineral that aids the success of various processes in the body, including relaxation of muscles, nerves and blood vessels. It helps to boost immunity and protects against stress and tension. It is therefore an essential mineral.

Magnesium helps to improve the function of the memory and the strength of the skeleton. How convenient that magnesium is so well absorbed through the skin, so now you can relax twice over! Relax in the bath, while the magnesium works its magic creating extra relaxation for the deeper muscles. You can also take magnesium orally. In the shop you can find Biovon magnesium chloride, or MAG365 magnesium in capsule and in powder form with a citrus or passion fruit flavour.

I add various drops of essential oils into a magnesium bath together with, for instance, sesame oil, and a little coarse celtic sea salt. I light a candle and some incense to add to the atmosphere and finish with soothing music at a frequency of 432 hz. (This is easy to find on youtube and it is very interesting to read more about the specific effects of the frequencies of sound on the body.) Surrounded by lovely fragrances soaking in a richly-filled bath, I relax for 45 minutes so the magnesium is well absorbed by the skin.

In addition to the bath and herbs, omega fats and B vitamins can help to improve the mood and create a calmer feeling throughout the day. Examples are the omega fats found in OPTI3 oil and the PRL MAX-B vitamin B complex. Pukka has many wonderful herbal combinations in their tea range. Their 'Relax' tea contains the ingredients chamomile, oats and fennel.

Oh ... and if you really want to spoil yourself? Then we have a self-warming COMFY massage cushion with super-force so that it really feels like someone is massaging you with warm hands.

I hope that you will spend the summer feeling relaxed and enjoy being out in nature with plenty of fun and warmth.

See you next month!

A sunny greeting for now,