Nano Minerals

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Nano Minerals
By Emanuelle September 30, 2019 341 Views No comments

Hi! My name is Emanuelle. At nightlife I am a DJ and during the day I am involved in herbal medicine, healthy plant food and a world in harmony and glory. I am very happy that my interests come together beautifully in the essence of Unlimited Health.

Every month I will write an article about products in the store, funny facts and how you can best use the products. Everything from my own point of view, so read along for my experience and more!

A few months ago I had an inflamed eye, for the first time in my life. I was looking for a solution. We always stock a strong chamomile tea in the cupboard, but I also found: Nano Silver. My start of a series of experiences with The Health Factory.

The Health Factory produces nano minerals, these pure water-based minerals consist of extremely small particles that are more easily absorbed by the body than pills or powders because of their small size. (1 nanometer is a millionth of a millimeter.) Nanominerals are introduced into the mouth through the salivary glands and can therefore be absorbed quickly by the body. Nanominerals are a good option if there are digestive problems that interfere with the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

In this blog I will highlight a number of products from The Health Factory and share my own experience. First the Nano Silver spray. I recognized an inflamed eye and treated it with nano silver spray and nano zinc spray. Within a day and a half the inflammation of my eye disappeared. I was impressed by the fast recovery.

nano silver

According to the Health Factory you use silver externally. On the skin: with acne, skin rashes and infections, eczema, burns, skin fungi, cold sores, itching and swelling with insect bites, diaper rash, eye inflammation, ear infection, thrush, (water) warts, sweaty feet, etc.

In the mouth: with ulcers, sore throat, mouth odor, thrush in babies, as mouthwash, gum problems, etc. To disinfect: hands, wounds, toilet seats, telephone, cutting board, fruit and vegetables, garbage bin, sink, molds in the bathroom, water bottle, aquarium, ponds, swimming water, etc.To preserve: food, flowers, skin care products, etc.

The nano particles of silver can penetrate the skin and the product contains no harmful substances. According to European legislation, The Health Factory may not motivate to use silver internally, although silver has been used internally since ancient times as a medicine.

After the recovery of my eye I started using the silver as a face spray in combination with zinc before applying my day cream. In the morning and evening I clean my face with an oil-based cleansing product and then a spray of silver, a spray of zinc and some shea butter. Very simple, but my skin looks really good. The skin recovers enormously quickly through zinc.

  • Zinc supports the immune system and helps ensure good resistance.
  • Zinc is good for concentration, memory and keeps the mind clear.
  • Zinc contributes to a normal acid-base balance.
  • Zinc supports the condition of the eye.
  • Zinc helps to keep skin, hair and nails healthy.
  • Zinc contributes to the cell renewal process.
  • Zinc supports the healing capacity of the skin.
  • Zinc protects healthy cells and tissues and is an antioxidant.

You can mix different minerals from The Health Factory. Everything can be put together in one glass, but it is also useful to know if, for example, you are traveling and have to take small quantities with you. The Health Factory has specifically chosen to package the minerals separately for longer quality preservation, so mixing is possible if it is used within a few months.

Not only the silver, zinc and shea butter ensure a good skin condition. Enough sleep and a healthy diet play a major role, but even my beautician noticed that my skin was more even. Malnutrition can also be a cause of irregularities, while we often think we have a rash because we have taken something wrong or too much.

I was also allowed to test the magnesium. It is difficult to say what the dosage should be per person, because everyone needs a different dose. Someone who uses a lot of energy mentally and physically needs more magnesium than someone who has a very calm and zen work environment. Stress is a magnesium eater and many sports also cause a large consumption of magnesium from the body. It is always good to have a supply in stock to supplement your system.

  • Nano magnesium can be applied both internally and externally.
  • Nano magnesium is absorbed through the oral mucosa and is not dependent on the gastrointestinal tract for absorption.
  • Is therefore 100% biologically available and is absorbed much faster.
  • Is therefore the ideal form of magnesium for people with digestive complaints and stomach acid inhibitors.
  • Nano magnesium enters the bloodstream directly and can therefore quickly cross the blood-brain barrier.
  • Is therefore the ideal magnesium for nervous system related complaints and for nervous disorders.
  • You need much less from nano magnesium than from a magnesium salt for a comparable or even better result. It does not burden the body as large quantities can do.
  • Nano magnesium is an elemental mineral with a high vibration frequency, this ensures a high energy value.
  • Nano magnesium is 100% pure and free from excipients.
  • Nano magnesium is tasteless, odorless and colorless.
  • Suitable for children, animals and plants.

What is magnesium for:

  • Nano magnesium is good for learning performance, ability to concentrate and memory.
  • Nano magnesium is good for maintaining strong bones.
  • Nano magnesium contributes to the cell renewal process.
  • Nano magnesium contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism.
  • Nano magnesium supports the teeth.
  • Nano magnesium is good for the muscles.
  • Nano magnesium helps to reduce fatigue.

At Unlimited Health you can also buy a book about magnesium deficiency and the relationship with behavioral disorders in children. The loss of nutrients in our diet due to impoverishment of the earth is a sad fact. How is it possible that we try to adapt our nature with pesticides and genetically modified plants and thereby allow our food quality to deteriorate? Let's choose organic food and pure supplements.

Back to the trace elements. I gave birth myself a year ago and my body strongly asked for iron and zinc, I could not explain this further. According to blood tests I had no iron deficiency, but I started taking it by choice and with great success.

Iron contributes to normal cognitive function, can help with fatigue, and contributes to normal oxygen transport in the body. Iron has a positive influence on the immune system and supports the production of red blood cells. I experienced huge effects within a few days. My energy came back and my head became clear almost immediately after ingestion. After a while I also got more color in my face and this has remained since then. My energy level is also more stable.

I am impressed that the iron is absorbed so quickly. I have recommended this nano iron to several women during their pregnancy and after giving birth and I have also received positive feedback from them. They felt more energetic and clear in their head within a few days.

the health factory

The Health Factory also has platinum, gold and copper in its range. I have not tried these, but definitely worth diving into the possible applications. A glow and shine spray with gold for example! That sounds chic! For ENT complaints there is an ENT Spray, which I also use myself based on zinc and silver. This can be used as a nasal spray and works very effectively.

Our complete mineral management is important for the normal functioning of the body. With a lack of a mineral there are complaints, but not all minerals are equally easy to supplement. So be well informed by a doctor and have a good examination where you have deficits. Varied food, good fats, pure water, enough rest and regularity are core values. In addition to the minerals mentioned above, there are other desired minerals that support the body, examples of which are calcium, phosphorus and potassium. Other trace elements such as iodine, selenium, manganese, molybdenum and chromium are also needed to keep the body healthy. Have you ever studied minerals and trace elements? A whole world is opening for us. Some trace elements are less well absorbed by organic acids from grains and legumes or, for example, by coffee and tea.

For example, iron from vegetable sources is better absorbed in combination with vitamin C and vitamin D is required for the absorption of calcium.

We are entering the fall season and I have already seen the first friends with a cold, so take extra care of yourself in this change of season. Some extra warmth and strengthening herbs, a quiet yoga practice and nice music. Get an ENT spray per person at home (not to share bacteria via the nasal spray) and an echinacea tincture for in the home pharmacy.

We went outside in the summer and now it is time to protect ourselves a little more, to support ourselves in the change of the season. The leaves change color and we seek more warmth at home and with friends. It is cozy inside and beautiful outside, with gold and fallen leaves.

I wish you a happy fall in a strong body!