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By Emanuelle Vos June 5, 2017 264 Views No comments

This month I am discussing our makeup department. In good weather everyone can walk in the sun, well-groomed, and wearing their best outfits. What do you need to protect, care for and adorn yourself?

I will start with the nails. Since a few months, we have been stocking a completely vegan makeup brand in the shop: BWC stands for beauty without cruelty. In addition to mascara and eyeliners, you can also find nail polish, nail care and non-toxic nail polish remover in our store.

I myself use the plant-based nail hardener from BWC. This nail care is made to nourish, hydrate and strengthen the nails and it will give you a beautiful shine that lasts a number of days, as long as you take care when using your fingers, just like any other nail polish. The nail hardener helps to stop breakages and creates less fragile nails. What is so good about this product? To nourish the nails a formula including spinach, avocado and green tea is used that provides good sources of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. I have read that it is best to apply two layers twice a week for optimal results.

In addition to nail care, BWC also has many beautiful colours of nail polish .These consist of 85% bio-sourced ingredients and contain no strong chemicals. After a double layer of varnish, they stay on very well and are 100% vegan. In addition, BWC has a nail polish remover based on natural ingredients without acetone.

I myself am a fan of the BWC full volume mascara. My eyes and eyelashes are dark in colour, but I like to use the cocoa colour as mascara instead of black. It gives a slightly softer look, although it is not greatly different. As well as full volume there are two other variations, namely Ultimate Conditioning and Waterproof. There is a difference in the shape of the brushes, which is something to take into consideration.

I tested two eye pencils, namely BWC's green colour eyeliner and the Ultra Glow black soft-kohl pencil. The green eyeliner gives a solid, thin line and if applying one line it gives a soft colour green. If you like it brighter you can add another line on top. The soft glow of Ultra Glow gives a soft but thicker line and even after one application the colour is an intense black.

I'm pleased that there are makeup brands that focus on animal welfare and don't contain animal products. Often the most expensive brands can contain nasty ingredients for the skin or the body, but because they are so beautifully presented in the media it is difficult to look beyond the branding.

It is therefore definitely worth the effort of looking at the ingredients list before purchasing a new day cream. Ideally, there should be an employee in the store who can tell you exactly which ingredients you are better off not using on your face or you could have already done some research yourself. Many skin care products and makeup contain synthetic or even harmful chemical ingredients that may not cause problems in the short term, but will be absorbed through the skin and could damage the inside of the body.

I always check if I know or recognise the ingredients and, if in doubt, I do an Internet search. For example, with Unlimited Health, there are seven types of creams that are 100% safe to apply to the skin, because they consist mainly of vegetable oils and herbs or algae. For example, check: E3Live PRL, Global Healing Center , Dr Baumann, Yaoh or The Health Factory. They all have individual qualities. Next time I'll see if I can do a comparison of some of them.

As well as mascara, eyeliner, nail polish and creams,we also have a large selection of lipsticks and blusher. The lipsticks are not vegan, but they are vegetarian and long-lasting.

My message this month is:

  • Take care of your skin, just as you would care for your body.
  • Choose natural makeup so that you will not suffer from the effect of dangerous substances penetrating the skin in the short or the long term.
  • Research the natural day creams and look for something that fits your skin type.
  • Come by and try something out!
  • Inspire people around you to choose natural skin care and makeup.

And finally:

  • Dress in your best summer outfit, take care of yourself and enjoy the summer!

See you next month!